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Loving Coastal Simplicity!

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

We are proud to offer Uniqwa Furniture pieces and homewares in our store. The Coastal simplicity is just stunning in any home... Here is a little about the brand and its unique beautiful collection.

We love beautiful and meaningful designs

Uniqwa represents uniqueness with a difference, defined by simplicity and function combined with art. Designed pieces inspired by nature and ethnic culture that fit into contemporary environment.

Uniqwa is organic, earthy and naturally modern, with a subtle degree of difference. We invite you to explore this unique product from our store.

Every piece has a story

Being eco-friendly, socially and sustainably responsible are part of Uniqwa's core value, which goes hand in hand with Cabana's aim when choosing products for our store.

One of my favourite pieces are their beautiful Malawai chairs. Every chair is handcrafted by the talented people of Malawi, Africa. The tradition has been passed down from generations to generations, and this iconic chairs have made a significant impact on the design community around the World.

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